Economic Recovery

Economic Recovery is the biggest problem facing California’s 21st Congressional District. With some of the highest unemployment rates in the United States, it has been facing a chronic employment problem for many years that was only deepened by the recent economic hardship facing the entire country. The answers to this dilemma are complex but solutions can be found. They exist in the following :

Small Business Development

Small Business in the US contributes to around ½ of the U.S. GDP and over half of the employment. The 21st district is no different. I will work for the Small Business community in our district to ensure they get their share of resources to help them participate in the inevitable rebound that will take place in the future California economy. The California High Speed Rail Authority has stated that they have a target that 30 % of the contracts on the project be completed by small business. I will work to make sure this goal is reached and that the Small Business community is in a position to compete for the contracts that will be available.

Renewable Energy & Infrastructure

I favor the continued development of solar, wind and other green technology in Central California. With the regions abundance of sunny days, the district is in an obvious location for the continued production of renewable energy resources and the manufacturing and service industries that revolve around it.

21st Century Job Training

Even with the extremely high percentages of unemployment in the 21st District there are far too many instances of companies not being able to find adequately trained employees to fill many of the limited jobs that are available in the area. I will work hard to find innovative answers to bridge this gap so that employers can find qualified 21st century trained candidates for the positions that they will have opening as the economy recovers.